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A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

Mama GenaA few years ago, I received an awesome book recommendation from the fabulous Martina Schmidt of Soul Shine. (I’m still working through my own disappointment that she moved far from Wisconsin to sunny Sedona, but she’s so darn radiant these days that it’s hard to deny she did the right thing.) I met with Martina as I was processing the transition to motherhood and really trying to get a grip on what that meant to me as a woman. It’s a big question that I’ll continue to work with over time, but Martina’s suggestion that I read Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts was a winner, and it’s a book that I plan to return to and re-read as I work on my mischievous 2016.

Basically, Regena Thomashauer is a rockstar Sister Goddess (her preferred term for joyful and enlightened females) who is intent on making the world a better place one radiant woman at a time. She explains in the introduction: “So many people have dedicated themselves to examining women’s problems and making much of their general unhappiness … Finally I decided to investigate women’s pleasure instead … And what I have found has proved to be amazing, beyond anything I could have dreamed. I learned that the pleasure women are capable of – that energy – is the greatest untapped natural resource on this planet. I discovered that when a woman is happy and fulfilled, those around her share the rewards. A gratified woman can be the source of a whole community’s joy and prosperity.”

Wow! Pretty kick ass, right? The book goes on to focus on the how  of achieving goddess status, namely the”womanly arts.”

  • Womanly art #1: Whetting your own appetite.
  • Womanly art #2: Having fun, no matter what.
  • Womanly art #3: Sensual pleasure.
  • Womanly art #4: Flirtation.
  • Womanly art #5: Owning your beauty.
  • Womanly art #6: Partying with your inner bitch.
  • Womanly art #7: Owning and operating men.
  • Womanly art #8: Inviting abundance.

Mama Gena fills the pages with anecdotes of fellow Sister Goddesses putting these arts to good use and ends each chapter with exercises that help you incorporate the arts into your own life. I will admit to simply reading through the book without completing all the exercises, but I would have better used the arts in my own life if I had followed instructions and done the exercises. I plan on doing them this time around when I’m re-reading.

Mama Gena has written other books, which I hope to read and share with you in the future, in addition to running a website and offering classes that aim to help us all live as Sister Goddesses. (I mentioned that she’s awesome, right?) To check out more of what Mama Gena is doing these days, visit her website, http://www.mamagenas.com.

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