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My main purpose in writing this blog is wanting to connect women in ways that enable them to support and empower each other. And what better way can you do that than by supporting woman-centered non-profit organizations?

One of my favorite feel-good organizations is BeadforLife. I first came across BeadforLife shortly after college while working at BeadStyle magazine in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I instantly fell in love with the colorful recycled paper beads, and I fell even harder for the fact that these little beads were helping impoverished women in Uganda build businesses and educate their children. What wasn’t to love?

The mission of BeadforLife is “Creating sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone.” I don’t know that mission statements get much better than that.

Interested in supporting BeadforLife? You can purchase their fair trade jewelry from their website, or if you make your own jewelry, you can purchase loose beads. They also offer a line of Shea butter skincare products. I’ve only tried the lemongrass and lavender soap, but it was amazing.

If you’re in a post-holiday minimalist frenzy like I am, you can always donate money through their website. Or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, the organization offers opportunities to travel to east Africa and see the BeadforLife projects for yourself.

Finally — and this is my personal favorite — you can host a BeadforLife party and invite your Sister friends to eat, socialize, and empower women across the world. I didn’t host a party until a few years after I learned about the organization, but I’ll always remember what a positive, uplifting evening it was. BeadforLife made it easy to hostess, providing simple-to-follow inventory sheets, a brief video that showed how the organization works, and even an online check-out so that people could pay with credit card if they preferred. It was great! You could tell that the women there felt really good about the money they were spending and who they were supporting. And it was amazing to see how the purpose of the organization bonded all these women who didn’t necessarily have a lot in common. I had invited friends, family, work colleagues … they didn’t all know each other, but there was a strong feeling of sisterhood as we worked in our own small way to support women in Uganda.

One last note: The BeadforLife prices are extremely reasonable, and they have products available at a variety of price points. They have a popular single-strand bracelet that costs $6 as well as several necklace options for under $30. So there is no pressure for party guests to drop a lot of money if they can’t or simply don’t want to.

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