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A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

Another thing I’d like to do with this blog – I’m actually brimming with ideas right now – is to share ideas for creative pursuits. Creativity is essential for connecting with our feminine side. It’s cathartic, healing, soothing … And you don’t have to be visually creative to take part. (Goodness knows I am not.)

What is the link between creativity and the feminine? An article by Sara Courter at mindbodygreen shares a beautiful definition of the Divine Feminine: “It is a sacred connection to Mother Earth and to the very energy of giving birth … to ideas, expressions, dreams, life and existence.” Creativity links us to our nature as creators. We are given an innate motivation to take something raw and unformed and turn it into something beautiful, useful, or even just silly. How wonderful.

I first became aware of the healing power of creativity when I landed my first job after college. I was working as an editorial assistant at BeadStyle magazine, which published how-to jewelry articles. As the editorial assistant, I handled the customer calls, and I heard over and over again from women about how beading helped their mental and emotional health. I remember one call in particular from a woman who chatted with me for a while, and she told me how a year previously her child had died. I got that physical ache you feel in your chest when you hear about the loss of a child and expressed my sympathies. She responded, “Well, a few months later I took up beading, and it’s what got me through. It’s better than therapy.”

I’ve gone through stages with various creative pursuits, but after having children I found myself without a craft. About a year ago I started feeling a strong pull toward knitting, but it took me a good six months to find someone who would teach me. Luckily, I had a doula client whose mom was a master knitter and graciously walked me through the basics. I wasn’t anxious about the end result. Honestly, I just wanted something to work on that would allow my brain to operate on that cathartic wavelength that creativity encourages. So, I looked for something simple and practical and came across this great dishcloth pattern on Luminous Vegans.


Silas, about a year old, wearing my first dishcloth as a hat.

I’ve only been knitting for about half a year, so I’m far from an expert. In fact, I’m so content knitting my dishcloths that I don’t see myself being motivated to up my game any time soon. But I do know that my soul sighs with happiness when I can curl up with my knitting, Netflix, and a cup of tea for an hour or two. Or knitting with a couple of friends with some good conversation . . . perfection. Regardless of where your interests lie, I encourage you to find a creative pursuit and dedicate some time to it on a regular basis. If you, like me, are just a beginning knitter, don’t be discouraged. The project above comes complete with links to videos for every necessary skill. And if you like it and want to challenge yourself just a bit, here’s a beginner baby blanket pattern from Lion Brand Yarns that is almost identical to the dishcloth – you just make it a lot bigger with thicker yarn.

Happy creating!

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