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Plotting our paintings.

I am embarrassingly behind on what’s hip, so I often find myself surprised and delighted about new-to-me trends that have actually been around for a while. Like Galentine’s Day – what?! Apparently this tradition started based on the TV show Parks and Recreation, where the women set aside time on February 13 to hang out with and show appreciation for their girlfriends. The tradition is now promoted through Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls online communities. How fun is that?

As a very new Twitter user, I was excited to see all the posts about Galentine’s Day, but I learned about it a little too late to plan anything special with my own gals. Luckily, I received a last-minute invitation from my friend Tiffany to a casual wine and watercolor girls’ night at her house. Perfect!

Galentine’s Day snacks!

The evening was low on cost and big on fun. Tiffany had snacks and wine, and we each brought an appetizer to share. She also picked up 8×10 canvases ahead of time, and she found them on sale so they were only a couple of dollars each. She shared watercolors she had in the house, and a couple of her artsy friends brought their own. Super simple, and it was all low-key enough that it was easy to chat and talk as we painted.

As with most creative endeavors, some were more comfortable with the artsy parts than others. But it’s always amazing to me how supportive and encouraging women are in situations like this. Everyone found something nice to say about all the paintings, and the women who were most intimidated teamed up and worked together through the creative process.

My finished product: A lotus mandala.

Tips for hosting your own watercolor night:

  • Keep it simple and inexpensive. If it takes too much time to prep or costs too much money, you’re less likely to follow through with it. Don’t worry about everything being Pinterest perfect – just get everyone together!
  • Materials: Canvases, watercolors, paintbrushes, small cups for water, paper towels (or old dishcloths).
  • Print out a few examples from the Internet for inspiration. Some people will feel more comfortable with something to follow than having to come up with a completely new idea.

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