Everyday Sisterhood

A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

I’ve been feeling angry recently. Really angry. Last week’s political happenings had me brimming with righteous feminist indignation, and I’ve decided that I’m totally ok with that. I’ve decided that we’ve reached a point where we can no longer afford to ignore or sugar coat rape culture because it makes people feel uncomfortable. I’ve decided […]

Just when I thought that I was about to fall into a great writing routine with the start of the school year, Life happened. You know how that goes, right? Your work schedule has extra trainings, so you fall behind on housework. And then the city is repairing the sewer in front of your house […]

I don’t intend for this blog to be political on a regular basis, with the exception of women’s rights topics that more closely relate to sisterhood. However, I’ve had a political storm a-brewin’ in this brain of mine for several months now and I just need to get it out and be done with it. […]

Social media exploded over the past two weeks with justified indignation over the sentencing of Brock Turner, a rapist who assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, to only six months in jail, which will in all likelihood only be three months. The case sparked a conversation in mainstream conversations that feminists have been begging […]

Our culture loves BIG EVENTS. Graduations, weddings, the birth of a baby, even funerals to some degree. A big event has meaning and typically marks some kind of important transition. Big events are rituals that mark a change from one time in your life to a new one. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, […]

After the snowstorm that recently hit Washington D.C., MSN published a story about the senators who showed up on Tuesday. They quote Republican senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska: “Something is genuinely different — and something is genuinely fabulous.” What was so fabulous you ask? Simply the fact that as Washington, D.C., was recovering from the storm, […]

As I write this, I’m coming off of double-header births at which I had the privilege of witnessing two baby boys make their entrances into this world just twelve hours apart. (Hence why I haven’t written in a few days. Pulling all-nighters in your thirties requires a couple days of recuperation.) I’ve been working part-time […]