Everyday Sisterhood

A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

I’ve been feeling angry recently. Really angry. Last week’s political happenings had me brimming with righteous feminist indignation, and I’ve decided that I’m totally ok with that. I’ve decided that we’ve reached a point where we can no longer afford to ignore or sugar coat rape culture because it makes people feel uncomfortable. I’ve decided […]

Maybe it’s the result of spending all my waking (and most of my non-waking) hours with two strong-willed children. Maybe it’s the byproduct of too much time spent reading the comments sections of political posts on Facebook. Maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde, whatever that means. I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been in a […]

One of the most consistent ways I’ve been practicing sisterhood in my life recently is through utilizing an accountability partner. I honestly lucked out. It wasn’t something that was even on my radar, and then this past January, soon after I took began my break from doula work and started this blog, a friend of […]

I turned 33 today. From about 18 to my late 20s, I really disliked birthdays – they felt like some morbid reminder of how quickly life slips away from you – but by my 30th I could no longer ignore how much better life got as I moved away from the overwhelming insecurity of being […]

On Valentine’s Eve, I want to share ¬†with you one of the most life- and relationship-changing books I’ve ever read: Passionate Marriage¬†by David Schnarch. David Schnarch is both a relationship and sex therapist, and I think it’s the combination of the two topics that makes this book so effective. Schnarch doesn’t look at emotional intimacy […]