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A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

A Wisconsinite’s obsession with seasons probably seems a bit bizarre to people living in milder climes, where the transitionĀ fromĀ summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, and spring to summer is not so distinct. Here in the northern midwest, a change in seasons is not just a change in the weather, but also a […]

Yesterday was summer solstice, the longest day of the year. And for the first time in seventy years, the solstice was graced by a beautiful full moon – a Strawberry Moon. Solstice is one of the oldest celebrations we have, but our culture is inconsistent in its commemorations. Some people celebrate with bonfires, some may […]

I turned 33 today. From about 18 to my late 20s, I really disliked birthdays – they felt like some morbid reminder of how quickly life slips away from you – but by my 30th I could no longer ignore how much better life got as I moved away from the overwhelming insecurity of being […]

Thus far, I’ve been avoiding a direct address of the potentially taboo topic of religion and spirituality on this blog. While I write about inherently spiritual topics, it’s so much easier to simply avoid the bigger and scarier topic of how intuitive spiritual practices like selecting an oracle card or smudging my home really fit […]

I am embarrassingly behind on what’s hip, so I often find myself surprised and delighted about new-to-me trends that have actually been around for a while. Like Galentine’s Day – what?! Apparently this tradition started based on the TV show Parks and Recreation, where the women set aside time on February 13 to hang out […]

Women’s intuition. It’s such a weird term, simultaneously both New Age and old fashioned. The whole idea that we, as women, have some kind of sixth sense that allows us to know things without knowing how we know them. I’ve always believed in it, probably due to growing up with a naturally intuitive mother, but working […]

Yesterday I wrote about incorporating the ritual of smudging into our New Year. The other New Year tradition I’ve adopted is picking out a word for the year, as opposed to setting a resolution. Some years the word has served as a touchstone, reminding me of a value or quality I wanted to better embody; […]