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A Wisconsinite’s obsession with seasons probably seems a bit bizarre to people living in milder climes, where the transition from summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, and spring to summer is not so distinct. Here in the northern midwest, a change in seasons is not just a change in the weather, but also a […]

I first heard about Whole 30 a little over a year ago, and my first thought was, “That is completely crazy.” Followed closely by, “I could never do that.” In case you’re not familiar with it, Whole 30 is a 30-day digestive “reset” for your body that eliminates inflammatory foods – such as grains, legumes, soy, […]

I turned 33 today. From about 18 to my late 20s, I really disliked birthdays – they felt like some morbid reminder of how quickly life slips away from you – but by my 30th I could no longer ignore how much better life got as I moved away from the overwhelming insecurity of being […]

My husband got knocked out with influenza last weekend. Full-blown 103+ degree fever, coughing, chills, hallucinating influenza. Luckily the boys and I have stayed healthy (so far), but it was an intense four days. I had some fun part-time work helping out with a local doula training, but other than that it was 24/7 kid-and-sick-husband-duty. […]

Like a lot of others, my husband and I experienced a kind of minimalist awakening this past year after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Like a lot of Americans, we have too much stuff. But I would hazard a guess that we might be mildly to moderately worse than the average […]

A few years ago, I received an awesome book recommendation from the fabulous Martina Schmidt of Soul Shine. (I’m still working through my own disappointment that she moved far from Wisconsin to sunny Sedona, but she’s so darn radiant these days that it’s hard to deny she did the right thing.) I met with Martina as […]