Everyday Sisterhood

A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

Creativity is essential to women. I will try to include a variety of projects with links to directions where applicable.



My first dishcloth, modeled by Silas.

Dishcloths by Luminous Vegans: An easy, beginner-level knitting project complete with links to videos for all of the skills you’ll need. You can make two or three dishcloths from each ball of yarn, which typically costs less than $4, so it’s a good bang for your buck. And the finished product is super useful, especially if you have kiddos (read: a constant stream of messes).

Simple Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarns: This beginner-level baby blanket is almost the exact same pattern as the dishcloths by Luminous Vegans. You simply use bigger yarn and needles and make it bigger. But if you’ve mastered the skills (basic knit, knit together, and yarn over) from the dishcloth and are looking for something to keep you busy for longer, this project is for you. And who doesn’t love to think about something they’ve made by hand being used to snuggle an adorable new baby?


img_2931Wine & Watercolors: This is a fun and simple project that isn’t too expensive. It’s a low-key way to engage with your creativity while also hanging out and catching up with friends. Wine is obviously optional 😉 Have everyone bring a snack or appetizer to share, and it will be less work for whoever is hosting. The total cost can run as low as less than $5 per person, so it shouldn’t be cost prohibitive.