Everyday Sisterhood

A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

Below is a list of groups, organizations, websites, etc., that support and promote the principles of sisterhood. Please email me at everydaysisterhood@gmail.com to have your organization added.



Soul Shine: Soul Shine is owned by the fabulous Martina Schmidt and her husband. Martina is dear to me due to a few of very significant healing sessions I had with her while she was still working as a medium and energy healer in Wisconsin, but she has moved on to focus on her art and her store, which is a “playground for the Bohemian Free Spirited Soul to shop.” They specialize in artwork, much of which is created by Martina, as well as clothing and jewelry. I’d also recommend checking out Martina’s blog. I don’t believe she adds to her YouTube channel anymore, but some of the videos she has posted are very thought provoking.


Green Bay

Evolve Yoga & Wellness: Krissy and her instructors at Evolve are offering amazing opportunities for community building among women. They offer both prenatal and baby yoga, and they’re also beginning to host sisterhood circles facilitated by Angie Kusek.

Ginger Birch: Angie Kusek facilitates Sacred Pregnancy classes and retreats, provides postpartum services, and also teaches amazing woman-centered classes out of her home in Door County.

Sweet Willow Naturals: At Sweet Willow, you will find both the products and support to take care of yourself naturally. They offer bulk herbs, teas, and essential oils, as well as classes for how to use them

Wise Women Gathering Place: Wise Women Gathering Place began as a grassroots gathering of women and is now an organization committed to peace, respect, and belonging through skill building, sharing of resources and caring support for our community. They offer trainings and events.


Mama Gena’s: Books, classes, and online inspiration for becoming a joyful and radiant Sister Goddess.

Glennon Doyle Melton: Blog, Facebook community, book, and nation-wide meetups for moms who want to connect and keep it real. She has a progressive, inclusive Christian outlook to her writing.