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I cast my ballot a while ago – just a day or two after early voting started –┬ábecause 1.) Since I have my own personal toddler entourage, it’s easier when I can avoid crowds, 2.) I wanted to maximize the chances of my vote counting in the event that I got struck by lightening or […]

This spring. Yikes. Usually by this time of year the illnesses of winter would be a distant memory, but Facebook is still rampant with reports of a long list of ailments. Stomach flu. Sinus infections. Double ear infections. Even influenza, which hit one of my most longstanding and dearest friends this past week. Definitely not […]

When you’re a teacher – like I was before having children – or you’re married to one – like I am now – your years actually run with the school system. When I look back at the 2014-15 school year, it was a blur of crappiness highlighted by the kind acts and support of my […]