Everyday Sisterhood

A Dose of the Divine for Your Inner Goddess

After I graduated from college, a fresh-faced and eager English major, I landed my first job, Editorial Assistant at BeadStyle magazine. I worked there for three years. I learned a lot at that job. The importance of creativity in everyday life. The thrill of crafting a sentence that doesn’t get covered in red (and pink, and […]

Women for Women International is changing the world one woman at a time. Their mission statement reads: “In countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. […]

When you’re a teacher – like I was before having children – or you’re married to one – like I am now – your years actually run with the school system. When I look back at the 2014-15 school year, it was a blur of crappiness highlighted by the kind acts and support of my […]

Today is the second annual Global Sisterhood Day. Friendship and companionship are nice. Necessary even. But when you push friendship that tiny, imperceptible nudge further into sisterhood, you enter the realm of magic. Because somehow, when you regard and care for women as sisters – when you see them as beautiful beings whom you want […]